vinayak presents a beautiful range of natural astrological gems from ..... All of its products are meant to deliver style, durability and great comfort. ---- ----- This is a Mystic Quartz concave cut round 7mm 1.35 carat and for ten piece lot 13.5 carat gemstone, Blue and rainbow colors, unheated with awesome lustre, Exceptional quality with no inclusions visible with 10x loupe. Different color with different light, changing from peacock blue to raspberry. Awesome luster.A Sincere Offer Direct to Customer,loose mystic topaz, Use In Gold and Silver Jewellry And In Ring, Pendant and earring Increase Beauty, Customize Gems Stone Jewellery As Per Your Choice And Requirement, High Finishing And Flawless Stone. A Beautiful Gift To Your Beloved One.

vinayak Rainbow mystic quartz for jewellery (10 piece lot)

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    • rainbow mystic quartz (A lot of 10 piece)
    • lustrous and flawless
    • customized jewellery with mystic quartz
    • Rain bow shine in your life
    • Use the rainbow gems in your jewellery
  • mystic quartz  in verious weight and size

    32/24 -size in mm 66 carat

    30/20 -size in mm 52 carat

    25/18 -size in mm 43 carat

    25/18 -size in mm 39 carat