vinayak presents a beautiful range of silver rakhi collection (Bracelet style silver rakhi).. All of its products are meant to deliver style, durability and great comfort....... A Sincere Offer from a Artisan Direct to Customer,  Silver Bracelet rakhi for pleasure & peace in life, handmade. High Finishing.--- ---It works as a shield to protect them from all sorts of misfortunes, misshaping etc. A Beautiful Gift to Your Beloved One. Promoting Online Shopping Lowest Price Guaranteed

Vinayak Silver Rakhi Bracelet (Rajasthani) collections

₹2,595.00 Regular Price
₹295.00Sale Price
    • Silver rakhi Bracelet for loving and great brother
    • Silver rakhi for strongnes, peace and friendship
    • Rajasthani design Oxidize tuch enjoy in party also
    • Silver for peace and coolness in life
    • Full adjustable